1. The Call for Cosmic Light

"You give them something to eat"

Although we just be like that child who was in the wildness carrying five loaves and two fish, the call from God falls on us: "You give them something to eat!" We then followed the order and experienced the miracle of five loaves and two fish.

2. The Vision of Cosmic Light

Pre-evangelism-cultivating the field of heart, spreading good seeds of life, harvesting one hundred times of fruit, and enriching human life.

Pre-evangelism is to unveil the cap of human spirit so that the living spring can pour into drying hearts; by cultivating deeply into Chinese cultural society and by preparing a good soil for gospel, the seeds of gospel can reach to the soil taking roots, growing, blooming, and harvesting thirty times, sixty times, and even one hundred times of fruits.

3. The Missions of Cosmic Light

Receiving true light, lighting the entire universe, heaven-human beings-materials-ourselves, holistic care.

Holistic Man = 4Qs = GQ+EQ+KQ+IQ = Heaven + Human Beings + Materials + Ourselves

GQ (Godly Quotient): Searching the meaning of life, pursuing the ultimate goal of life, respect and worship God, and satisfying spiritual demands

EQ (Emotional Quotient): Enjoying cultural society, empathically understand emotions of others, loving and respecting human being, and establishing better human relationship

KQ (Knowledge Quotient): Grasping science and technology, pursuing truth and knowledge actively, utilizing world resources, and owing analytical ability to conduct research

IQ (Intelligence Quotient): Facing life frankly, accepting oneself, equipping the courage to be, and welcoming life journey happily

Only the growth of 4Qs simultaneously along with balanced development, we know how to face ourselves, to find out our status in heaven, human beings, materials, and ourselves and therefore to enjoy a beautiful and well-lived life!

4. The Insistences of Cosmic Light

"I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings."

(1) Cosmic Light insists that the origin of true light comes from God and this origin of true light is the motivation of Cosmic Light, which runs continuously without ending.
(2) Cosmic Light insists to walk on the truth of God, to spread the values and life views that meet God will.
(3) Cosmic Light insists to do the works of a servant who serves this century and society to care holistic development.
(4) Cosmic Light insists to play the role of "salt" in the society to reconcile good taste, to prevent corrosion, and to melt truth into culture so that our life can be led to eternity.
(5) Cosmic Light insists the concept of holistic development to take roots in the cultural soil and to search and nurture holistic people.
(6) Cosmic Light insists, "I do all this for the sake of the gospel, that I may share in its blessings." (I Corinthian. 9:23)

5. The Services of Cosmic Light

Returning to human dignity, reconstructing harmonized life.

In September 1973, the Cosmic Light Magazine was first published and after ten years of cultivation, we established the "Christian Cosmic Light Communication Center, " a non profit organization, in 1983 to conduct "holistic care" and to reconstruct "human being" by using methods of publishing, media broadcasting, counseling, arts, social participation, and academic research. As a result of these devotions, we have now developed "holistic care" networks. And we are authorized to establish "Christian Cosmic Light Holistic Care Organization" in September 1998. In addition to the board of directors in Taipei to supervise activities, we have established either district board of directors or service committees in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Vancouver, Toronto,Taichung, Tainan, and Kaoshung to support and extend holistic care.
Throughout those years, the staff of Cosmic Light has listed seven major directions of tasks, they are:
(1) Publishing and video broadcasting
(2) Counseling and care
(3) Arts and culture
(4) Academic research
(5) Extension of concepts
(6) Education and training
(7) Information networks

We wish to achieve "returning to human dignity, reconstructing harmonized life" through those tasks and this is the goal we strive to reach as well as the ultimate meaning and direction of all services of Cosmic Light.

6. How to Implement "Holistic Care"?

●Publishing and Video Broadcasting‧Information Media

As of August 2006, the Cosmic Light magazine has published 388 issues in around 6,300,000 copies as well as numerous newspaper-style publications for special groups. We have also published books of more than 500 categories, or around 4 million volumes, and over 3 million copies of video tapes and video-audio works. All of those works have published throughout the world, touching deeply the hearts of Chinese people, preparing fertile soils for the seeds of gospel to take roots and harvest one hundred times. Through video broadcasting and TV programs, we are able to meet a wide variety of needs from different social groups. Our broadcasting has accompanied lonely hearts, leading them to live abundant lives. Facing the challenges of new generations, we aim to enter the era of the Internet by taking the advantage of information technology, integrating all resources and developing gospel networks of holistic care.

●Care and Counseling‧Social Participation

We established care and counseling center to unify Christian experts who show great passions towards lives, and will apply holistic care approaches to conduct a three-tier ministry, which includes precautionary, developmental, and therapeutic tasks. We are devoted to integrating profession with Christianity, and constructing holistic concepts to set up the foundation of counseling. In addition to providing individual and group counseling, we have activated several programs (such as children and family out-reach programs, life education program, various adult's learning programs or training courses, Caring Hotline, and Websites targeting the mental and spiritual needs of different social groups). We use multi-dimensional methods to implement the care for social cultural transformations and to care social and cultural symptoms. Moreover, we participate from a sharp and sensitive angle to help solve complicated issues in changing cultural society so modern people could face difficult situations with courage and grasp the growth opportunity in today's society.

●Culture and Arts‧Influence Unobtrusively and Imperceptibly

Culture and arts can touch our hearts and influence us unobtrusively and imperceptibly. As of these impacts, we have devoted to arts and cultural performance. From the earlier Arts Fellowship to "Cosmic Light Love Performing Workshop" and "Cosmic Light Taipei Love Choir," we have used music, drama, Chinese comic talk show, magic, and stage performance to proclaim the truth of life and holistic concept. Our footprints have been to the Mainland China, Europe, United States, and Southeast Asia and to places like schools, corporations, production facilities, and jails. The influence of those performances is far reaching. Furthermore, we have organized "Cosmic Light One Hundred People Choir," based on the spirit of "using songs to carry truth," to accept invitations to perform to proclaim truth, life, and directions of life. In particular, each year we issue a special "Christmas Gift Pack" that is beautifully printed and carefully edited with rich Christmas CD songs and VCD. The Christmas Gift Pack has a large distribution around 150,000 copies and has become a top sale item for gifts as well as for collection.

●Academic thoughts‧Far-reaching Influence

Academic thoughts have a great influence on society and then develop into culture utmost determining the guiding behavior of human beings. Today's influence becomes tomorrow's culture; this is all about our value and the development of self. In many years, we have put lots of efforts in collaborating with academic community to arrange more than 50 international academic conferences that touch issues of Christianity and Chinese Culture, Holistic Education and Holistic Counseling. More than 800 research papers have been presented, more than 700,000 copies of professional counseling books as well as research essays concerning Christianity and the Chinese and culture have been printed, highly acclaimed by the scholars and professionals. In recent years, we have actively and full heartily promoted the concepts of holistic care as well as holistic education across Taiwan Strait and those concepts have become the mainstream of Taiwan's educational philosophy with far-reaching impact.

The year of 2007 is marked the 200th anniversary of Robert Morrison's Ministry in China. A 70-volume, 6 million-word of " The Memorial Collection for the 200th Anniversary of Morrison's Ministry in China"has been published, consisting of contributions from more than a hundred scholars across the strait. "A Picture Exhibition: Morrison in China─200 Years of Protestant Evangelism "will tour the world before 2008.